5 misconceptions about keto

5 misconceptions about keto

The keto diet has gone mainstream. You can tell by the amount of “ketogenic” products available in online and physical shelves, recipes in the internet and Google searches. The interest in keto peaked around the second week of this year in Australia (see graph below) and worldwide. However, many people still don’t know exactly how […]

Product review: Raw Earth sweetener

Raw Earth Sweetener Co. is a brand of non-caloric sweetener available in supermarkets. It’s advertised as a stevia and monk fruit natural sweetener that is “great for your taste buds and good for the soul”. The product comes in single-serve sachets and 200g canisters. It can be used in beverages, for cooking and baking. Ingredients […]

chicken wings

Recipe: Asian baked chicken wings

I realise Asian baked chicken wings is not a very descriptive dish name but bear with me. This recipe was inspired by a Peruvian dish called “chicharrón de pollo”. As you may or may not know, there has been a large influx of Chinese migrants in Perú, particularly between the late 1800s and the early […]

Recipe: Savoury bliss balls

Savoury bliss balls are my kind of healthy treat. Even though I like looking at sweet treats such as brownies, cakes and regular bliss balls, I rarely want to eat them. I prefer savoury snacks most of the time. In case you don’t know, bliss balls are those golf-sized balls you see at counters in […]

Product review: Pili nuts

I first heard about pili nuts a couple of years ago. These nuts hail from the Philippines and are particularly sought after by people following a low-carb or keto diet, due to its high content of fat and low content of carbohydrate. They’re pretty hard to come by, especially in Australia. Luckily for me, a […]

Recipe: Mum’s burgers

Last time I went home I asked mum for recipes of meals I really miss. Her burgers, a simple weeknight meal, were on the list. She used to serve them with rice (otherwise it’s not a meal, according to many Peruvians) and occasionally a little salad. I used to pour tomato sauce all over the […]