Peruvian hot chocolate

Recipe: Peruvian hot chocolate

In Perú there’s no such thing as Christmas in July. Instead, we eat and drink all the wintery Christmas stuff in the middle of summer. The large Christmas eve dinner of roasted turkey (or suckling pig), applesauce and/or mash, Russian salad, rice, etc. is followed by hot chocolate and panettone. Peruvian hot chocolate is made […]

mispronounced Spanish food words

5 mispronounced Spanish food words

As a native Spanish speaker, I often get annoyed by people mispronouncing words, particularly food words. This is especially irritating when the person at fault is a waiter/waitress, restaurateur or food podcaster. Please don’t take this post as a rant, as its purpose is mainly to educate those who want to say things right. These […]

Dairy-free yoghurt

Dairy-free yoghurt

Is “dairy-free yoghurt” an oxymoron? If you’re of the opinion that nut/legume milk is not milk, then maybe you think dairy-free yoghurt cannot be called yoghurt. However, if you think that the bacteria defines the food, then yeah, making yoghurt out of soy/almond/coconut milk qualifies as yoghurt. Lastly, if you prefer looking at nutritional content, […]

Sopa criolla (Peruvian creole soup)

Recipe: Sopa criolla (Peruvian creole soup)

Sopa criolla (a.k.a. sopa a la minuta) is the Peruvian version of laksa. It’s not as sweet, not as thick, not as tangy, but equally comforting. The alternate name for this soup “a la minuta” indicates that is a quick dish to make (minuto = minute). As most Peruvian dishes, sopa criolla contains onion, garlic […]

Grapefruit good or evil?

Grapefruit: Good or evil?

Grapefruit is an interesting fruit. People on weight loss diets have been eating it for decades It’s not available year-round, not everybody likes it and some people can’t have it. Is grapefruit good or evil? What is grapefruit? The citrus fruit commonly known as grapefruit (Citrus paradisi), is a natural hybrid between pomelo and orange […]

5 misconceptions about vegan

5 misconceptions about vegan

These days vegan, a.k.a. plant-based diets are all the rage. Veganism is normally regarded as a morally superior and/or healthier lifestyle. However, there are a number of arguments for it that are not objectively true. Keep reading to clarify these 5 misconceptions about vegan. 1. Vegan = healthy A vegan diet is not inherently a […]

how to build a balanced meal

How to build a balanced meal

Everyone talks about balance but many people struggle to get it right. Balance is not about eating a salad the day after you binged on pizza, or ordering a diet soft drink alongside a burger with chips. Instead, you should be aiming for balance most of the time. Read on to find out how to […]