• Dineamic ready meals
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    Product review: Dineamic ready meals

    Dineamic ready meals is a Melbourne-based service delivering across the country. Meals are fresh, balanced, nutritious, and quite tasty. Dineamic ready meals I first heard about Dineamic because one of its founders, Karen Inge, is a well-known and respected sports dietitian based in Melbourne. She founded Dineamic in 2008 with former AFL player Jason Johnson. The company’s tagline, “healthy meals for busy people” highlights the purpose of the company: to provide nourishing convenient meals to people who don’t have the time to shop, prep and cook. Having a dietitian in charge means that the meals are healthy and balanced. It also means that you can be sure any dietary and…

  • How to add more protein to your breakfast
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    How to add more protein to your breakfast

    As we’ve seen before, eating adequate protein at breakfast is a great strategy for improving body composition and maintaining muscle mass. In this article we explore how to add more protein to your breakfast. Protein for breakfast As discussed in a previous article, higher protein breakfasts can help with satiety and weight management. Moreover, sports nutrition science points at an ideal dose of 0.25-0.30g of protein per kg of body weight per meal (including breakfast!) for building muscle. High protein breakfasts Breakfasts that can be naturally high in protein include: Leftovers from dinner Egg-based breakfasts (boiled/poached/fried/scrambled eggs, omelette, frittata) Smoothie with milk, yoghurt and/or protein powder However, if your breakfast…

  • Seedlip drinks
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    Product review: Seedlip drinks

    Seedlip drinks are an alcohol-free alternative for those people who enjoy botanical-based spirits. They are great simply paired with tonic or soda water or incorporated in more elaborate cocktails. Seedlip drinks Seedlip makes alcohol-free sugar-free distilled spirits based on a variety of botanicals. They can be considered a zero-alcohol alternative to gin (although the manufacturer informs they don’t use juniper in their production process so technically it cannot be called “gin”). These drinks have been produced in London since 2015 and are now available in several countries, including Australia. The currently available flavours include: Grove 42 (citrus): with Mediterranean orange, lemon peel, lemongrass and ginger Spice 94 (aromatics): with allspice,…

  • Barista milk
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    Barista milk

    Barista milk is formulated to produce beautiful and tasty milk-based coffees, especially when using plant-based (e.g. almond, oat, soy) milks. Why barista milk? A milk-based coffee with stunning latte art requires milk that won’t break when heated and that will produce the right size of bubbles for texture. For the most part, this is not an issue with cow’s milk. However, non-dairy (i.e. plant-based) milks can be tricky to work with. In addition, coffees bought at cafes need to taste better than anything you can make at home. Barista milk in the Australian market Many manufacturers of dairy and non-dairy milks now offer a barista range of products. Brands include…

  • Obela Plant Based Hommus Bowls
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    Product review: Obela Plant Based Hommus Bowls

    Obela Plant Based Hommus Bowls are a portable, convenient meal to have on the go. They are vegan, gluten-free, high in fibre and protein. Obela Plant Based Hommus Bowls These bowls are new in the line of hommus and dips of the famous manufacturer Obela, makers of the convenient snack Obela Hommus To Go. In my opinion, this is a great way to get switch people’s perception about hommus from just a dip to what it is in the Middle East: a meal. Obela Plant Based Hommus Bowls come in the following flavours: Quinoa Tabouli Salad With Falafels & Lemon Garlic Dressing Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables With Falafels & Basil Pesto…

  • How to fix constipation
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    How to fix constipation

    Constipation is a gastrointestinal disorder affecting a considerable percentage of the population. Based on severity, it can have a significant negative impact in health and quality of life. In this article we explore how to fix constipation. What is constipation? Constipation is a gastrointestinal condition characterised by infrequent bowel movements (1, 2), hard or lumpy stools (1), difficulty passing stools (1, 2) and the sensation of incomplete evacuation (1). The prevalence of constipation has been reported to be 12-17% of the global population (1). The prevalence is higher in elderly people (1, 2), women (1, 2), particularly when pregnant (2). Factors associated with constipation Intrinsic factors, including age, gender, genetic…

  • Hart & Soul broth soups
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    Product review: Hart & Soul broth soups

    Hart & Soul broth soups are a great source of nourishment for the colder months of the year. They are low in calories and shelf-stable. Hart & Soul broth soups The million dollar question is: are these broths or soups? Well, they are soups made with broth. Don’t think about them as your typical minestrone or chicken soup, though. They contain vegetables but are mostly broth. These soups come in 350g pouches containing 1 serve per pouch. They are available in major supermarkets and come in 3 flavours: beef, chicken and vegetable. Hart & Soul broth soups are low in energy, gluten-free, dairy-free, low-fat and relatively low-carb. Ingredients As you…

  • Should you eat breakfast?
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    Should you eat breakfast?

    Should you eat breakfast? This continues to be a controversial topic when it comes to health and nutrition. Although every person’s biology is different, it seems that the majority of people would benefit from not skipping the first meal of the day. Breakfast: the most important meal of the day? Conspiracy theorists and skeptics tend to be of the opinion that breakfast was proclaimed “the most important meal of the day” as a marketing strategy to increase the food industry’s profits. However, there has been some scientific evidence to suggest that breakfast is indeed associated with weight loss and improved body composition (1). Benefits of eating breakfast Satiety and hunger…

  • FroPro singles
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    Product review: FroPro singles

    FroPro singles are a healthier “ice cream on a stick” option for people looking for a frozen treat that doesn’t pack up the calories and keeps carbs and sugar low. FroPro singles FroPro singles are another product from the healthier ice cream manufacturer FroPro. These are Magnum-style ice cream on a stick covered in a hard chocolate shell. FroPro singles come in 3 flavours: Double Chocolate, Salted Caramel and Plant Based Vanilla. They are available at Woolworths supermarkets, often at a discounted price. Each box contains 4x 400ml sticks. All the flavours are gluten-free. The Double Chocolate and Salted Caramel flavours are milk-based and higher in protein than the Plant…

  • Protein requirements for female athletes
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    Protein requirements for female athletes

    Are protein requirements for female athletes the same than those of male athletes? Although it makes sense to think that body composition, energy metabolism and sex hormones may play a role in nutrient requirements, there are no fast and hard rules, but sensible guidelines as detailed below. Protein requirements for female athletes In theory, female athletes should have slightly lower protein requirements than their male counterparts because oestrogen causes exercising female bodies to increase fatty acid oxidation and decrease amino acid (and carbohydrate) oxidation (1, 2). Moreover, protein catabolism is higher in the luteal phase when oestrogen and progesterone are high (1). On the other hand, some studies seem to…