Macro rigatoni with hemp
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Product review: Macro rigatoni with hemp

Macro rigatoni with hemp is a version of this short tubular pasta made with rice and hemp flour, making it higher in protein and gluten-free.

Macro rigatoni with hemp

This is part of the pasta range made by Macro, Woolworths’ brand of organic products. The pasta is vegan and gluten-free and comes in 200g packages with 2 serves per pack.

Rigatoni are small tubes larger in diameter but shorter in length than penne. They have ridges and straight edges. This type of pasta works well with chunky sauces as the bits and pieces can stick to the ridges and get into the tubes. It is also good for cheesy baked casseroles.


This pasta is made with just 2 ingredients: rice flour and hemp flour (14%).

Macro rigatoni with hemp

Nutrition information

Below is the nutrient content per 100g (measured dry) serve. Keep in mind the serving size is pretty generous, so you might be satisfied with a smaller portion.

NutrientPer serve (100g)
Energy (kJ)1490
Protein (g)13.3
Fat, total (g)2.5
– Saturated (g)0.6
Carbohydrate, total (g)67.5
– Sugars (g)1.6
Sodium (mg)6.0

Taste test

I cooked the rigatoni for 10 minutes (low end of the range specified in the package instructions) and found that they didn’t keep their shape very well. I enjoyed the flavour, which has some nutty and vegetal notes. Aesthetically, I think darker sauces would work better with the colour of the cooked pasta.

Summary and recommendations

If you are looking for gluten-free pasta with higher protein content than average, Macro rigatoni with hemp is an option. Keep in mind that the carbohydrate content is still high.

In Australia and New Zealand, food products that contain hemp are required by law to be made using low-THC seeds. However, if you are a competitive athlete or get drug tested for work, it is best to avoid this and other hemp-containing products to be safe.

More information

Head to Woolworths’ Macro brand website for more information about this range.

If you need nutrition advice, click here to check out our range of available services.

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