Grapefruit good or evil?

Grapefruit: Good or evil?

Grapefruit is an interesting fruit. People on weight loss diets have been eating it for decades It’s not available year-round, not everybody likes it and some people can’t have it. Is grapefruit good or evil? What is grapefruit? The citrus fruit commonly known as grapefruit (Citrus paradisi), is a natural hybrid between pomelo and orange […]

5 misconceptions about vegan

5 misconceptions about vegan

These days vegan, a.k.a. plant-based diets are all the rage. Veganism is normally regarded as a morally superior and/or healthier lifestyle. However, there are a number of arguments for it that are not objectively true. Keep reading to clarify these 5 misconceptions about vegan. 1. Vegan = healthy A vegan diet is not inherently a […]

how to build a balanced meal

How to build a balanced meal

Everyone talks about balance but many people struggle to get it right. Balance is not about eating a salad the day after you binged on pizza, or ordering a diet soft drink alongside a burger with chips. Instead, you should be aiming for balance most of the time. Read on to find out how to […]

to snack or not to snack?

To snack or not to snack?

To snack or not to snack? That is the question! Snacks, or mid meals, are not good or evil. When used correctly, they can help you meet your health and performance goals. What is a snack? As a noun, a snack is “a light meal: food eaten between regular meals”. To snack (surprise, surprise) means […]

5 misconceptions about keto

5 misconceptions about keto

The keto diet has gone mainstream. You can tell by the amount of “ketogenic” products available in online and physical shelves, recipes in the internet and Google searches. The interest in keto peaked around the second week of this year in Australia (see graph below) and worldwide. However, many people still don’t know exactly how […]

protein quality and quantity

Protein quality and quantity

Protein is an essential components of our bodies. Besides being used in many tissues, it also forms signal molecules, hormones, etc. This is why protein quality and quantity are important. What is protein A protein is a collection of peptides, which are collections of amino acids. There can be non-essential (i.e. we can make them […]

misconceptions about gluten

5 misconceptions about gluten

These days gluten is a mainstream word, although there is still a sizeable percentage of the population who don’t know what it is. More concerning, perhaps, is having wrong information about it. Below are 5 misconceptions about gluten that you will probably come across. 1. Gluten-free = healthy This is one of the most common […]

Beer as a rehydration drink

Beer is a popular “post-workout” drink. It is not commonly treated as a sports supplement by athletes but as a post-competition reward and social lubricant. Is there any merit in using beer as a rehydration drink? Rehydration Rehydration is essential for recovery and performance. Athletes can lose large amounts of fluids and electrolytes through sweat […]

iron deficiency anaemia

Iron deficiency anaemia

Iron deficiency anaemia is a common health concern, particularly among females of child-bearing age. However, a person can be deficient in iron and not have anaemia. Conversely, not all anaemia cases are caused by iron deficiency. Iron deficiency is the most common nutrient deficiency (1). What is iron? Iron is a mineral present in multiple […]