5 easy vegan swaps
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5 easy vegan swaps

Last week we spoke about red meat, eggs and dairy, but what if you choose not to eat any animal products? The following 5 easy vegan swaps can help you navigate this style of eating.

1. Yoghurt

These days there is a wide variety of dairy free yoghurt in supermarkets. These are generally made with coconut or almond milk. However, note that the flavour, texture and, most importantly, nutrient content are not the same as real yoghurt.

2. Parmesan cheese

Probably the most popular hippie health food is nutritional yeast. This is because it has an umami flavour that helps fill the void left by the absence of cheese, especially Parmesan.

3. Egg white (for meringues, mayonnaise, etc.)

Most vegans and people with egg white allergies should be aware of aquafaba, or chickpea water. That’s right, the water that you normally drain off canned chickpeas can be whipped into meringues, mousses, mayonnaise, etc. You can use it pretty much anywhere you would use egg whites, including pisco sour.

4. Beef mince

Yes, yes, there is textured vegetable protein shaped to look like beef mince but do you really want to be eating that? Why not use real food instead? Finely chopped mushrooms and/or nuts and/or lentils make great beef mince substitutes for pasta sauce, stews, casseroles and soups.

5. Butter

Butter can be easily replaced by olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil/flesh and peanut/other nut butter. Make sure you choose the right consistency according to the application, e.g. as a spread, for baking, for raw desserts, etc.).

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