• Barista milk
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    Barista milk

    Barista milk is formulated to produce beautiful and tasty milk-based coffees, especially when using plant-based (e.g. almond, oat, soy) milks. Why barista milk? A milk-based coffee with stunning latte art requires milk that won’t break when heated and that will produce the right size of bubbles for texture. For the most part, this is not an issue with cow’s milk. However, non-dairy (i.e. plant-based) milks can be tricky to work with. In addition, coffees bought at cafes need to taste better than anything you can make at home. Barista milk in the Australian market Many manufacturers of dairy and non-dairy milks now offer a barista range of products. Brands include…

  • Obela Plant Based Hommus Bowls
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    Product review: Obela Plant Based Hommus Bowls

    Obela Plant Based Hommus Bowls are a portable, convenient meal to have on the go. They are vegan, gluten-free, high in fibre and protein. Obela Plant Based Hommus Bowls These bowls are new in the line of hommus and dips of the famous manufacturer Obela, makers of the convenient snack Obela Hommus To Go. In my opinion, this is a great way to get switch people’s perception about hommus from just a dip to what it is in the Middle East: a meal. Obela Plant Based Hommus Bowls come in the following flavours: Quinoa Tabouli Salad With Falafels & Lemon Garlic Dressing Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables With Falafels & Basil Pesto…

  • Zero Food
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    Product review: Zero Food

    Zero Food is an Australian company from Victoria that sells black and red rice-based pizza crust and toasties, in addition to black, red and brown rice. Zero Food Zero Food products include toasties (black rice and red rice protein, pizza crusts (black rice and red rice protein) and rice (black, red and brown). All Zero Food products are certified organic and GMO free. They are also vegan, gluten-free, low FODMAP, high in fibre, low in fat and salt and do not contain added sugars. As their name implies, the red rice protein toasties and pizza crusts are also high in plant-based protein. Red and black rice are great alternatives to…

  • Plant-based burgers
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    Plant-based burgers

    Plant-based burgers are becoming more available in Australian supermarkets and fast food chains. Read on to find out which burger options are out there, what are their ingredients and their nutritional breakdown. Plant-based vs vegan It is common to use the terms “plant-based” and “vegan” interchangeably. However, plant-based does not necessarily mean vegan. Instead, it means that is predominantly vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts and other plant foods (you can argue here if this is to be determined by volume, weight or energy percentage). Vegan means no animal products whatsoever. Having said that, most food products that are advertised as “plant-based” are actually vegan. The interest in both terms has experienced…

  • Oat milk comeback
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    Oat milk comeback

    Oat milk is back! I probably tried it for the first time 10-15 years ago. The oat milk comeback is evident now that coffee shops have it on display and/or announce it on the blackboard. Oat milk comeback evidence I used the trusty Google Trends to check how interest in oat milk has changed over the past 5 years. Worldwide, interest has increased in the past few years. The first peak in the graph below is from January 2018, with another big peak in January 2019. In Australia, however, there are a lot more peaks and valleys, the first of which in the past 5 years happened on January 2015.…

  • 5 easy vegan swaps
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    5 easy vegan swaps

    Last week we spoke about red meat, eggs and dairy, but what if you choose not to eat any animal products? The following 5 easy vegan swaps can help you navigate this style of eating. 1. Yoghurt These days there is a wide variety of dairy free yoghurt in supermarkets. These are generally made with coconut or almond milk. However, note that the flavour, texture and, most importantly, nutrient content are not the same as real yoghurt. 2. Parmesan cheese Probably the most popular hippie health food is nutritional yeast. This is because it has an umami flavour that helps fill the void left by the absence of cheese, especially…