Pan con aceitunas
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Recipe: Pan con aceitunas

Recently I wrote about craving sandwiches from my childhood. Today’s sandwich is even simpler: it involves only three ingredients but tons of memories. I recommend using botija olives (I’ve bought them in Tierras Latinas, Flemington Markets and Loving Earth in the past) but any flavourful black olive would do. Pro-tip: next time someone you know goes to Perú, tell them to bring some olives (and lúcuma and maca), they’re way more expensive over here.

Mantequilla y aceitunas

Once again, this sandwich features the high-protein low-carb gluten-free protein bread.

Pan con aceitunas

Pan con aceitunas

This is a sandwich I used to have as a child and involves only three ingredients.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Course light meal, Salad
Cuisine Peruvian


  • 2 slices protein bread
  • black olives (preferably botija) pitted
  • butter


  • Bread, butter, olives, bread. As simple as that.
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