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Product review: Ferment It

These guys make, you guessed it, fermented products. Their current range includes: beetroot, apple & inca berry; kimchi; lime, mango & chili and the good old sauerkraut. You can buy them fresh OR you can get a bag of dehydrated mix + starter cultures to make your own.

Ferment It

Last time I saw them at Eveleigh markets I grabbed a mixed pack for $45. I liked them all and appreciate the variety because certain flavours go better with certain dishes. For example, I like plain sauerkraut with bacon and eggs and kimchi with canned tuna or salmon and avocado. You might expect the fruit-containing ones to be sweet but they are not, remember the fermenting bacteria feed on the sugars of the fruit/vegetables and generate an acidic product.

Ferment It

I am not very keen on plastic bags to store food and was happy to find out that they will be shifting to glass jars next year.

Ferment It
PO Box 509
Brighton Le-Sands NSW 2216
(02) 8096 1298

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