Bounce keto low carb bars
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Product review: Bounce keto low carb bars

Bounce keto low carb bars are a snack alternative for health-conscious active individuals following a keto or low carb diet.


This Australian company started out selling single serve packaged protein balls and now has a wider range of products targeted to active populations. Other product ranges include the aforementioned protein balls (whey and plant-based), brekkie bars and milkshake powders for kids.

Bounce keto low carb bars

These bars are gluten free, vegan, low in sugar, high in fibre and have some protein (but not a lot). They are also free of artificial flavours, sweeteners and other additives. The fat content comes from nuts and MCT oil (from coconut).

Bounce keto low carb bars are smaller than other products in the market (35g vs up to 60g). They are sold individually and in boxes of 5 in major supermarkets and in boxes of 12 online.

They currently come in 3 flavours: coconut shortbread, salted caramel and almond vanilla.


  • Coconut shortbread: nut blend (organic coconut 31%, Australian almond 20%), soluble tapioca fibre, organic hemp seeds, pea protein 5%, sunflower lecithin, coconut MCT oil 1%, natural flavours, monk fruit extract, Himalayan rock salt
  • Salted caramel: nut blend (organic coconut, Australian almond 18%), soluble tapioca fibre, pea protein blend 11%, rice flour, sunflower lecithin, natural flavours, monk fruit extract, coconut MCT oil 1%, Himalayan rock salt
  • Almond vanilla: nut blend (organic coconut, Australian almond 25%), soluble tapioca fibre, pea protein blend 10%, sunflower lecithin, coconut MCT oil 1%, monk fruit extract, natural vanilla flavour, Himalayan rock salt

Nutrition information

NutrientCoconut shortbread
Per serve (35g)
Salted caramel
Per serve (35g)
Almond vanilla
Per serve (35g)
Energy (kJ)364354340
Protein (g)
Fat, total (g)
– Saturated (g)
Carbohydrate, total (g)
– Sugars (g)
Dietary fibre (g)
Sodium (mg)

Taste test

These bars are not too sweet but they do have a sweetener aftertaste. I like the salted caramel flavour better, my husband likes the almond vanilla flavour better. The texture is not crumbly like collagen bars, nor overly chewy like protein bars, nor overly oily like some paleo-friendly bars.

Summary and recommendations

These bars are a good alternative for active people following a low carb diet who need a shelf-stable snack to have on the go. I recommend you buy single bars and try them first to make sure you enjoy the taste.

More information

For more information about these bars and other products, head to Bounce’s website.

If you need nutrition advice, click here to check out our range of available services.


  • Noela Jefferies

    Hello. I’ve been purchasing these bars for years and received a delivery yesterday but I was gobsmacked to see the size of the bars. I have to weigh them tomorrow when I get my scales fixed but I know that both the box and the bars are smaller than before. 🥶

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