• Tummify probiotic shots
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    Product review: Tummify probiotic shots

    Tummify probiotic shots are an alternative to other probiotic products in the market that are higher in sugar. This is a product designed for gut health. Tummify probiotic shots Tummify probiotic shots are 98% sugar free and certified organic. Each shot contains 35 billion colony-forming units (CFU) of a 13 multi-strain formula (see more details in the Nutrition information section below). The product comes in 5 and 20-packs containing single serve (65ml) plastic bottles, which are BPA-free and recyclable. Ingredients Fresh organic milk (99%), monk fruit juice concentrate, prebiotic fibre, kefir cultures and probiotics. For reference, these are the ingredients in the most popular probiotic product, Yakult: Original: Water, skim…

  • PBCo protein shakes
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    Product review: PBCo protein shakes

    PBCo, formerly known as The Protein Bread Co, specialises on high protein, low carb products. Their PBCo protein shakes are a good alternative to similar powders in the market that contain sugar or artificial ingredients. PBCo protein shakes These protein shakes come in three flavours (banana, chocolate and vanilla) in 500g resealable bags, which equals 14.3 servings. Each serve contains 23g of protein that come from whey protein concentrate. The shakes are gluten free, low carb and contain vitamins and enzymes making them more digestible. They have no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners (they’re sweetened with stevia). Ingredients Banana: Australian whey protein concentrate, vitamin blend (calcium carbonate, whey protein isolate,…

  • Rokeby Farms probiotic milk
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    Product review: Rokeby Farms probiotic milk

    Rokeby Farms is a dairy food company based in Melbourne, Victoria. Their product Rokeby Farms probiotic milk is made the traditional Swedish way. Rokeby Farms probiotic milk Like Filmjölk, this product is made with fresh cow’s milk and fermented slowly. The manufacturer claims it contains 15 live and active cultures and 50+ billion bacteria per serve. The benefits of this product are similar to those of other fermented milk drinks. It is a good source of protein and calcium and helps with digestion and gut health. Fermented dairy foods contain little lactose as most of it is digested by the bacteria. Therefore, this product may be suitable for some people…

  • Dinnerly meal kits
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    Product review: Dinnerly meal kits

    Dinnerly meal kits were launched by Marley Spoon in 2007. As the self-proclaimed “most affordable meal kit in Australia”, Dinnerly offers convenience and quality ingredients at a cheaper price. Dinnerly meal kits Plans Dinnerly offers two plans: 2-person and 4-person box. For each of them you can choose from 3, 4 or 5 meals per week. Price per meal The price per meal, including shipping, is in the graph below. Meal tags The following tags will help you identify which meals to choose: Dairy free Healthy Kid friendly Low carb Meat No added gluten One pot meal Poultry Spicy Under 30 minutes Vegetarian Preferences You can set up your taste…

  • Marley Spoon meal kits
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    Product review: Marley Spoon meal kits

    Marley Spoon is one of the biggest meal kit vendors in Australia. Their focus on sustainability includes the use of local ingredients and reusable/recyclable packaging. Marley Spoon Google tells us the company hails from Berlin, Germany and was founded in 2014. They are currently present in Austria, Australia, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden and the USA. Marley Spoon meal kits Plans Marley Spoon offers two plans: 2-person and 4-person box. For each of them you can choose from 2, 3 or 4 meals per week. Price per meal The price per meal, including shipping, is in the graph below. Meal tags The following tags will help you identify which meals…

  • HelloFresh meal kits
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    Product review: HelloFresh meal kits

    HelloFresh meal kits were the first available in Australia. They continue to be quite popular among people looking for easy delicious recipes to make at home. HelloFresh This German was founded in 2011 and hit the Australian market back in 2012. They are also present in the US, the UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Sweden, France, New Zealand and Canada. HelloFresh meal kits Plans HelloFresh offers three base plans: classic, veggie and family. The classic and veggie plans can be set up for 2 or 4 people, the family plan is for 4 people. For each of them you can choose from 3, 4 or 5 meals…

  • Cleaver's organic beef hotdog
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    Product review: Cleaver’s organic beef hotdogs

    Cleaver’s organic beef hotdogs are a heathier alternative to ultra-processed hotdogs and frankfurters available in the market. You can find them at major supermarkets and other grocery stores. Cleaver’s organic beef hotdogs As all Cleaver’s products, these hot dogs are certified organic, made from free range, grass fed and finished beef. They do not contain fillers, making them gluten-free, paleo-friendly and low-carb. They are also free of additives so they can be enjoyed by people with other allergy or intolerance to those. These hotdogs are pre-cooked, so just need to be heated up before eating. Ingredients These hotdogs and all cured meats classify as processed meat products, which should not…

  • Slendier konjac pasta and rice
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    Product review: Slendier konjac pasta and rice

    As its name implies, Slendier is a brand of food products designed to help with weight loss. Slendier konjac pasta and rice come in different styles to suit your culinary needs. What is konjac? The dictionary tells us konjac is “the swollen underground stem of a herb that grows in parts of Asia and is often used for adding fibre to food, or the herb itself.” (1) Konjac is very low in carbohydrates and very high in a type of fibre called glucomannan, which is linked to several health benefits, including appetite control and digestive health. Slendier konjac range All Slendier konjac pasta and rice style products come in 2-serve…

  • Plant-based burgers
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    Plant-based burgers

    Plant-based burgers are becoming more available in Australian supermarkets and fast food chains. Read on to find out which burger options are out there, what are their ingredients and their nutritional breakdown. Plant-based vs vegan It is common to use the terms “plant-based” and “vegan” interchangeably. However, plant-based does not necessarily mean vegan. Instead, it means that is predominantly vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts and other plant foods (you can argue here if this is to be determined by volume, weight or energy percentage). Vegan means no animal products whatsoever. Having said that, most food products that are advertised as “plant-based” are actually vegan. The interest in both terms has experienced…

  • GiLICIOUS lower carb potatoes
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    Product review: GiLICIOUS lower carb potatoes

    GiLICIOUS lower carb potatoes are the answer for people who love potatoes but would benefit from eating foods with lower glycaemic index. The glycaemic index (GI) of a carbohydrate-containing food indicates how much it raises your blood sugar relative to pure glucose. People with health conditions related to blood sugar regulation, including insulin resistance, diabetes and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) should aim to get most of their carbohydrates from low GI foods. Note that quantity is also important: eating too much of a low GI food represents a large glycaemic load (GL) on the body. What Is GiLICIOUS? GiLICIOUS is a food brand dedicated to preventing type 2 diabetes and…