Spud Lite

Product review: Spud Lite lower carb potatoes

Spud Lite is a brand of lower carb potatoes available in Australian supermarkets. While I generally advocate for buying fresh produce from farmers markets and the like, I can see the benefit of having this product available. The Spud Lite process Spud Lite potatoes hail from South Australia and are produced using a cross pollination […]

Saltverk artisanal sea salt

Product review: Saltverk artisanal sea salt

Saltverk is a new brand of artisan sea salt hailing all the way from Iceland. In a world where the word “artisan” has lost its meaning, companies like this truly preserve traditional manufacturing processes. As a result, Saltverk salts are not only unique but also sustainable. The Saltverk process The manufacturing process takes pristine sea […]

Keep Tone bread

Product review: Keep Tone bread

Keep Tone bread is a new brand of keto/paleo/low carb bread currently available at selected health food shops and cafes in NSW (I bought mine at Mr Vitamins Ashfield). Health claims The bread claims to contain “only wholefoods, no nasties”. It is gluten free, dairy free, soy free, yeast free, grain free and has no […]


Product review: YoPRO high protein yoghurt

YoPRO is one of the latest additions to the ever-growing yoghurt section of most supermarkets. As I mentioned in my Mayver’s Protein+ Peanut Butter review, at the moment many consumers are looking for high protein products to suit their lifestyles. While all yoghurts are a source of complete protein, YoPRO’s selling point is the high […]

Primal Kitchen chipotle lime mayo

Product review: Primal Kitchen chipotle lime mayo

It’s been a few weeks since I opened my jar of Primal Kitchen mayo and I’m happy to report that its texture and flavour remain untouched. This is why I decided to try Primal Kitchen chipotle lime mayo. What is in Primal Kitchen chipotle lime mayo? Just like the original version, try the chipotle lime […]

Future Whey

Product review: Future Whey

Future Whey is a newish sports supplement. I decided to try it mainly because I got a free sample, but also because the packaging got me intrigued. It looks like detergent. It looks like a prank product. It is not. The name implies this is a whey powder product, but it claims to be dairy-free […]

Primal Kitchen mayonnaise

Product review: Primal Kitchen mayo

I’m a big proponent of eating less processed foods, which means making more stuff at home. As such, I’ve been making mayonnaise regularly at home for the past several years, but now that my husband is away the mayo stays in the fridge long enough to turn into a weird texture. I’m not entirely sure […]

Product review: Pili nuts

I first heard about pili nuts a couple of years ago. These nuts hail from the Philippines and are particularly sought after by people following a low-carb or keto diet, due to its high content of fat and low content of carbohydrate. They’re pretty hard to come by, especially in Australia. Luckily for me, a […]