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Product review: The Complete Dairy

The Complete Dairy is an Australian brand of high protein milk. As discussed in my previous post, milk can be used as a sports supplement in part due to its protein content.

The Complete Dairy high protein milk

The Complete Dairy high protein milk is made using a cold filtration process which increases its protein content. At the same time, this process reduces the milk’s lactose content. As a result, this milk is suitable for people looking to increase the protein content in their diets and lactose intolerant individuals.

This high protein milk comes in full fat and light varieties. Both are available in 1 litre bottles in the refrigerated section of major supermarkets.

The Complete Dairy

A higher protein content essentially means you can increase your protein intake without increasing the volume of milk to drink nor the energy (i.e. calories).


Unlike other high protein milks in the market, these products do not have added protein powder to increase their protein content. It’s just milk.

Nutrition information

Below is the nutrient composition of both full fat and light varieties per serve and per 100 millilitres.

NutrientFull cream
Per serve (250mL)
Full cream
Per 100mL
Per serve (250mL)
Per 100mL
Energy (kJ)710284535214
Protein (g)
Fat, total (g)
– Saturated (g)
Carbohydrate, total (g)
– Sugars (g)
Sodium (mg)
Calcium (mg)430.0172.0435.0174.0

Wondering how The Complete Dairy milks compare to regular milks? Check the graph below for a comparison of energy, protein, fat, carbs and calcium based on data from the Australian Nutrient database (1).

Taste test

I’ve tried both the full cream and light versions and liked them equally. I didn’t have any noticeable “sniffles” after drinking it, which I sometimes get after drinking regular milk. I have used the full cream version in baking (in a recipe that will be on the blog soon) and it worked pretty well.

Summary and recommendations

If you are looking for a higher protein and/or lower lactose milk, try The Complete Dairy milks. Note that they are lower in lactose than regular milk but not necessarily lactose-free. They have been on special for a while in Woolies so it won’t hurt your wallet to try them out.

More information

For more information on these high protein milks, head to The Complete Dairy’s website.


  1. Food Standards Australia New Zealand (2014). AUSNUT 2011–13 – Australian Food Composition Database. Canberra: FSANZ. Available at

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