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Product review: Bega Simply Nuts Peanut Butter

Bega Simply Nuts Peanut Butter is yet another great choice in the spreads aisle. It is great to see that big companies are responsive to consumers expectations of products without added oil and sugar.

Bega Simply Nuts

As the name implies, Bega Simply Nuts Peanut Butter is made with just peanuts (and salt in 2 of the 3 products). Okay, if you want to be pedantic about it, peanuts are not nuts (they’re legumes). The range includes crunchy, smooth and rustic grind. You can find them in the spread aisle in major supermarkets.


  • Crunchy: Roasted peanuts (99.5%), salt
  • Smooth: Roasted peanuts (99.5%), salt
  • Rustic grind: Roasted peanuts (100%)

Nutrition information

Below is the nutrition information per 100g of each variety. Note that 1 serve as per the package is 22g (approximately 1 tbsp).

Per 100g
Per 100g
Rustic grind
Per 100g
Energy (kJ)225025602570
Protein (g)27.527.627.7
Total fat (g)49.049.349.5
– Saturated (g)
– Polyunsaturated (g)
– Monounsaturated (g)38.939.239.3
Carbohydrate (g)11.311.111.1
– Sugars (g)
Sodium (mg)154.0152.015.0
Niacin (B3, mg)

Taste test

I enjoyed the taste of the 3 varieties. I tend to choose salted peanut butter but I must say the rustic grind, which is unsalted, was equally delicious. Texture-wise, I liked the crunchy and rustic grind but was not a big fan of the smooth as it’s a bit too oily for my taste. The rustic grind texture, as you might expect is somewhere in between the other two.

More information

Head to Bega’s website for more information and recipes.

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