Black Leaves teas
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Product review: Black Leaves teas

Black Leaves teas include a selection of high quality loose leaf and herbal teas especially crafted with health and wellbeing in mind.

Black Leaves teas

The company from Perth was founded by a young entrepreneur who had a noble motivation: to help his mother regain physical wellbeing. The full story is longer an way more interesting, so I encourage you to jump on their website (link below) and had a read in the About section.

Black Leaves teas come in 50g and 250g pouches (a couple of items are available in 1kg bags) and are sold under the following categories:

  • Detox: blends designed to accelerate metabolism, improve digestion, reduce appetite, etc.
  • Natural Beauty: blends designed to balance hormones, reduce stress, aid digestion, etc.
  • Motherhood: blends designed to help mum before and after childbirth
  • Superfoods: including hibiscus, ginger, dandelion, chamomile, turmeric, matcha, etc.

Note that a few teas span more than one category.

The detox and natural beauty teas can be bought individually or as part of a 28-day program with detailed instructions to follow during this period. Similarly, the Superfoods teas can be bought as a bundle that includes 5 of the teas.

It’s important to mention that none of the teas, with the obvious exception of the Matcha, come as a powder. It is my understanding the the more “whole” the components of a tea are – including the actual dried tea leaves – the higher the quality. Just by looking at the blends you can tell these are top quality. In addition, many of the ingredients in Black Leaves teas are organic.

Because these teas do not come in single-serve bags, you will need an infuser or teapot to brew them.

How about the nutrition?

Tea, herbal or not, is essentially free of calories provided you drink it brewed in water without the addition of milk or nutritive sweeteners such as sugar or honey.

Most importantly, tea (camellia sinensis) is a source of antioxidants, which are important to reduce oxidative stress in the body and inflammation.

Taste test

I received a complimentary box (thanks, Anthony!) containing the following teas:

  • Organic Oolong Tea (from the Superfoods collection)
  • Muscle Recovery Tea Mademoiselle Bleu (from the Natural Beauty collection)
  • Organic Matcha Tea (from the Superfoods collection)
  • Stress Relief Tea Anong (from the Natural Beauty collection)
  • Menstrual Cramps Tea Siam Ginger Lemongrass (from the Natural Beauty collection)
  • Weight Loss Tea Milk Oolong (from the Detox collection)

All the teas are delicate in flavour, yet each blend has a distinctive taste. I liked all of them, in particular the Oolong and the Matcha. It is a bit soon to tell they achieve the advertise effects in the body but they are enjoyable for sure.

Summary and recommendations

Black Leaves teas include a range of blends designed to improve health and wellbeing. They are made in Australia using quality ingredients. Some of the blends contain tea leaves, and thus caffeine, so keep this in mind if you are highly sensitive to caffeine. Having said that, many people who can’t handle coffee do well with tea.

More information

For more information about these wonderful teas and to buy online head to Black Leaves website.

If you need nutrition advice, click here to check out our range of available services.

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