Product review: Kimchi

Kimchi rocks. I love the stuff but so far I’ve been too lazy to attempt making at home and I didn’t know where to buy it. One day after attending a tech event I decided to stop at Maruyu on my way to Town Hall. While browsing the refrigerated section I found Park’s kimchi. The ingredients list looked pretty clean (it does have sugar but at least is listed after salt). Good stuff. So far my favourite way of eating it is with sardines and avocado, wrapped in nori.

Not long after that I stopped at Miracle Supermarket on King Street to buy some shrimp paste. I was pleased to find that the refrigerated had Park’s and Paldo kimchi, along with other super-processed varieties. Paldo doesn’t have sugar and has fish sauce. Park’s has ginger. I like the flavour of Park’s a bit better, because it’s milder.


8 thoughts on “Product review: Kimchi

  1. Love shopping at Maruyu! So many wondrous things hidden on their shelves.

  2. kimchi sure does rock! I’ll have to let oyu know the brand of the one we always get from eastwood – it’s a winner across my whole family!

    1. Please do let me know.

    2. Thank you for this review! I was at my local Asian grocer and was deciding between Park’s kimchi and Paldo’s, this helped me pick which one to get! 🙂

      1. That’s great, glad it helped!

  3. I love kimchi! Did you know there are about 200+ varieties of the stuff? We only get the standard cabbage version here so I reckon there’s definitely a market for more kimchi here!

    1. I did not know that! I’d love to try more varieties.

  4. I am the only one that eats it in our household, so it is really only consumed when dining out. I need to find smaller tubs of the stuff.

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