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Product review: Global Organics tomato passata

I know I’ve ranted before about canned/jarred vegetables, specifically tomatoes. I used to hate them, but know I use them quite often. I think what happened is that I came across the wrong brands/products in the past, often the ones that come with added ingredients that basically ruin the product. I also had more time to cook. Since then, I’ve found a few good products that not only save time but also money.

One day browsing through the health food/organic section of my local supermarket, I found a large glass bottle of organic passata (tomato purée) that had nothing else than organic Italian tomatoes. The brand is Global Organics and it also comes in a version with basil. At $2.99 per bottle, it ticks all the boxes: free of nasty ingredients, organic, obviously BPA-free, and cheap.

Global organics tomato passata

So what about the flavour? As you can imagine, it was almost as good as freshly-made passata. I made some puttanesca sauce with it (I’ll talk about the noodles in my next post), and used a few spoonfuls in a meatloaf.

Puttanesca on shirataki noodles

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