• Good Fat Mayo
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    Product review: Undivided Food Co Good Fat Mayo

    I used to make mayonnaise because I couldn’t find commercial products with no added undesired ingredients (see my rant here). Luckily the Australian company Undivided Food Cooffers Good Fat Mayo. Good Fat Mayo ingredients This mayonnaise is made with certified 100% olive oil from Spain (60%), Australian free range whole eggs (21%), Australian extra virgin olive oil (9%), apple cider vinegar, fresh lemon juice, mustard powder Olsson’s 100% sea salt and rosemary extract. Nutrition Mayonnaise is mayonnaise. It’s mainly fat. It is a condiment that should be used sparingly, especially if you need to watch your energy or fat intake according to your goals. Having said that, olive oil seems…

  • Primal Kitchen chipotle lime mayo
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    Product review: Primal Kitchen chipotle lime mayo

    It’s been a few weeks since I opened my jar of Primal Kitchen mayo and I’m happy to report that its texture and flavour remain untouched. This is why I decided to try Primal Kitchen chipotle lime mayo. What is in Primal Kitchen chipotle lime mayo? Just like the original version, try the chipotle lime mayo is all natural, sugar/soy/canola/dairy/gluten/grain-free, etc. The ingredients list is relatively short and all of them are recognisable as “food”: avocado oil, organic cage-free eggs, organic cage-free egg yolks, organic vinegar, water, sea salt, organic lime juice concentrate, chipotle powder, lime granules, organic garlic powder, organic rosemary extract. I enjoyed both the creaminess and taste…

  • Primal Kitchen mayonnaise
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    Product review: Primal Kitchen mayo

    I’m a big proponent of eating less processed foods, which means making more stuff at home. As such, I’ve been making mayonnaise regularly at home for the past several years, but now that my husband is away the mayo stays in the fridge long enough to turn into a weird texture. I’m not entirely sure what’s going on at a chemical level but I do know I enjoy creamy mayo better. Given that a lot of food manufacturing companies have jumped on the health claim bandwagon I’m always hopeful I will find a jarred mayonnaise that will contain minimally processed ingredients. Unfortunately, this hasn’t been the case. The closest I’ve…