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Product review: Niulife coconut products

I’ve been using Niulife coconut products for a few years now, so I thought it was time to give them a review.

Coconut flour: for baking and cooking. I don’t bake that often but it’s handy to have for those special occasion treats.

Shredded coconut: usually for eating straight out of the bag (very handy when travelling), mixed with macadamias and cinnamon, or for making grain-free granola, smoothies, desserts, coconut butter, meatballs, coconut cauliflower rice, etc.

Coconut flakes: same deal as the shredded coconut: straight out of the bag, with macadamias and cinnamon, for caramelised coconut chips, etc.

Coconut caramel and creamed coconut
Niulife coconut caramel and creamed coconu

Creamed coconut: This thing is unbelievable. I bought it because I wanted to try a recipe from PaleOMG but I haven’t done it because we ate the whole jar by the spoonful. It is that good. According to the manufacturer: “Niulife Creamed Coconut is certified organic whole coconut meat, in concentrated form. The white coconut flesh is dried to remove the water and then ground to a fine paste or “nut butter”. Creamed Coconut has a smooth creamy consistency due to its high (70%) fat content. It is therefore a rich dietary source of healthy coconut oil… Creamed Coconut is very versatile. Mix 1 or 2 teaspoons with water or juice to make a creamy coconut milk drink or add it to coffee/cocoa as a non-dairy creamer. It is an excellent ingredient for cooking and baking. Because of its low moisture content it can be mixed straight into the batter or dough of breads and pastries. It is great as a thickener added to curries or stir-fries and enhances the flavour of soups. It can be blended in smoothies, mixed with melted chocolate, made into ice cream or spread on toast or crackers for a snack. In fact, it is so delicious that many people just eat it by the spoonful, straight from the jar.” As I said, we eat it as a snack by itself. Or covered in almond butter.

Coconut caramel: Nice alternative to conventional caramel, reminds me a bit to a Peruvian dark sticky dairy-based spread called natilla, only 100x less sweet. Still, it’s very sweet for my palate. Ingredients: fresh coconut cream and coconut blossom sugar.

Coconut sauces and vinegars
Niulife coconut sauces and vinegars

Coconut amino sauce: excellent substitute for regular soy sauce, which contains soy (duh!) and wheat, two of the ingredients that are best to avoid. Tamari is better than regular soy sauce because it doesn’t have gluten, but for very sensitive people coconut amino sauce is the way to go. Ingredients: coconut vinegar (70%), coconut syrup (18%), coconut sugar, bird’s eye chilli, garlic, onion powder and sea salt.

Coconut vinegar: This one is closer to an apple cider vinegar than to a white wine vinegar. For some strange reason I use it mainly for cooking in recipes that call for rice vinegar. Ingredients: 100% coconut nectar (sap).

Coconut balsamic-style vinegar: Regular balsamic is my favourite vinegar, and I have no reason to substitute it, but I bought this one just out of curiosity. The coconut version is sweeter and less tangy than regular balsamic. Great for salads. Ingredients: coconut vinegar, coconut syrup & tarragon leaves – soaked during aging.

Coconut barbecue sauce: This is my second favourite Niulife product, because it’s a pefect substitute for commercial BBQ sauces that are full of nasty ingredients. It’s thick, syrupy, and delicious. I often use it for slow cooking, not as a condiment (I prefer mayonnaise and mustard). Ingredients: Naturally aged coconut nectar, garlic & sun-dried, mineral-rich sea salt.


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