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Product review: Luz cold pressed almond milk

As a FFG (former fat girl) I’m cautious when it comes to liquid calories. I drink mostly water, mineral water, black coffee or tea, but when I saw these little bottles in my local health food shop I couldn’t resist.

Not only the bottles were cute, but the label read espresso with cold pressed almond milk followed by “gluten free, dairy free, soy free, cholesterol free (duh!), no additives or preservatives”. Sounded too good to be true. The label on the bottle next to it read Medjool dates with cold pressed almond milk.

Luz cold pressed almond milk

This is *real* almond milk (as opposed to the boxed varieties), so it sediments (give it a good shake before drinking) and has a very short shelf life. Alvaro loved the almond milk with dates, which contains filtered water, premium Australian almonds and Medjool dates. I thought the almond milk with coffee was unsweetened but it actually contains almond milk with dates (84%) plus espresso (16%). It was delicious, BTW. I think the serving sizes are small enough to not be a big deal if you’re not metabolically broken.

They also sell larger bottles of pure cold pressed almond milk. BTW you can totally make all of these beverages at home but it’s nice to drink something out of a cute bottle once in a while, no?

The Luz Almond Company
Level 11, 110 Mary St
Brisbane QLD 4000

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