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Product review: Herbs of Life crispbread

Now that we don’t eat regular crackers we sometimes miss a salty crunchy vehicle for butter. We like Flats and are not that fond of Kitz crackers (although their sweets are sensational), but our favourite cracker substitute without a doubt is Herbs of Life crispbread.

We’ve tried the herbed almond crispbread (oh man!) and the herb flax crackers (too flaxy for my taste). We’ve also tried the cinnamon almond crispbread (perfect not-too-sweet sweet crackers!). Check out the lists of ingredients in the photos below. Most ingredients are organic and locally sourced, and the snacks are dehydrated at low temperature (technically raw). The prices listed below are from Dr Earth Newtown.

Herbs of Life: Herb almond crispbread
Herbs of Life: Herb almond crispbread

Herb almond crispbread ($9, $7.11 discounted price)

Herbs of Life: Cinnamon almond crispbread
Herbs of Life: Cinnamon almond crispbread
Cinnamon almond crispbread ($9, $7.11 discounted price)

We try not to overdo the gluten-free grain & grain-like substances so we haven’t tried the buckwheat lavash yet. We have tried a few of their kombucha flavours, all good so far.

Herbs of Life
Unit 4/114-116 Somers Street
Lawson NSW 2783
(02) 47593852, 0448 523 438

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