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Product review: Fine Fettle Eats

I’ve been a Fine Fettle customer for several years now. Their flats have been a life saver when travelling, and an awesome healthy anytime snack. I’m always thrilled to try their new products at the farmers markets. This time the new kids on the block are Eats.

Fine Fettle Eats

Eats come in the universally recognisable instant ramen cups. After brief flashbacks of MSG-laden camping food, I picked up the cups to look at the label. These instant meals are based on dehydrated vegetables and contain no gluten, preservatives or oil. They are also vegan and contain mainly quinoa and legumes with different seasonings.

Vegetable & lentil
Mediterranean quinoa
Mexican quinoa

The contents come in a sealed plastic bag inside the cup, next to a small spork. In the photo below, you can see the three steps for getting your meal ready: inside the bag, out of the bag, in the process of being rehydrated.

Different stages

It takes 180ml of boiling water and 10 minutes to get these meals ready and I’m happy to report that they are exponentially better than ramen cups. I liked all flavours, although my favourite was vegetable & lentil, which was nicely seasoned with cumin and had a noticeable chilli kick. Alvaro found it too spicy and preferred the Mexican quinoa, which, unexpectedly, was the milder of the three. Mediterranean quinoa, with a distinct tomato flavour and a bit of heat, was my second favourite.

Ready to eat

At the time of writing this post, Eats are not in Fine Fettle’s website yet, so if you want to buy them head to Eveleigh farmers markets on Saturday mornings. I paid $5 per cup, but I’m pretty sure this is an introductory price only.

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  • newintstudents2015

    are you based in Australia? This brand is an Australian brand. Can I recommend that you try Nudie waters and smoothies and the pressed lab’s cold pressed juices? Can I also recommend that if you are in Melbourne try Pressed juices as they are healthy for you

  • Amanda Gelder

    I have just discovered these #lifechanger – What an awesome idea. Great little meal to have in the cupboard for those times when you just don’t have anything quick to make for lunch or even a light dinner!
    Also – I bought these online from their website! FINE FETTLE IS AMAZING!!!!

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