Product review: Tonicka kombucha

I get excited every time I see a new brand of kombucha popping up because that means I can continue avoiding making my own. The medium size of Tonicka kombucha (330 ml) comes in an elegant dark bottle that made me think of boutique beer. I bought it at Dr Earth for $5.14 (discounted from $6.50). They make only one flavour, which is a good thing because that means no added sugary mixes to their brew. I liked its crisp, tangy flavour. Will buy again.

Tonicka kombucha

Tonicka Kombucha
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2 thoughts on “Product review: Tonicka kombucha

  1. With all your sharing on kombucha, I am sort of now swayed to give it a go.

    1. Hope you like it!

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