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The porridge experiment (part 3)

This is part 3 of 3. Yes, the porridge experiment is (mostly) over. I did the rice thing for a few more days and then decided to “hipsterise” my breakfast. Even though I dislike chia seeds (’cause they always get caught between my teeth), I decided to swap the rice for soaked chia seeds. When I ran out of black sesame seeds I started using tahini (I have since learned black tahini exists, so will be buying that one in the future). The (activated) walnuts and goji berries stayed, and in the beginning I added a tablespoon of coconut milk, too. I’m still having two boiled eggs on the side for protein. So, basically I’m eating a ton, at least a ton more to what I used to eat before for breakfast.

I have roughly the same thing most mornings. Other days I do anything from a protein green smoothie to bacon and eggs to fresh oysters from the market.

The treatment is working, but I don’t think there’s any magic to the breakfast the Chinese doctor recommended, but rather to having a solid breakfast every morning. Plus, of course, the herbs. I guess this means intermittent fasting is not good for me at this stage.

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