• Exercising in the heat
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    Exercising in the heat

    Exercising in the heat represents a number of challenges for an athlete, ranging from discomfort to severe health threats. This is particularly relevant this year, as we approach the summer Olympic games in Tokyo, where temperature and other ambient conditions can be severe and non-predictable. Effects of heat on the body Our bodies function best at temperatures between 35 and 39°C (1). Exercise stress can result in exercise-induced gastrointestinal syndrome, which consists in decreased integrity and function of the gastrointestinal system. This condition is worsened when our core temperature goes up to 39°C. A compromised gut can, in turn, cause other issues such as bacteria entering the bloodstream, decreased nutrient…

  • Edge Electrolytes
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    Product review: Edge Electrolytes

    Hydration is very important for athletes but water alone is not enough; you need to replenish the electrolytes that are lost in sweat. Edge Electrolytes is a new product in the Australian market of hydration sports supplements. Read on to find out what is special about Edge. Edge Electrolytes The product is manufactured by Pure Aussie Sport and comes as a powder in single-serve sachets that can be bought individually or in boxes of 12. Edge is unique because it’s made with concentrated ocean water, which provides more than 70 essential minerals, including magnesium, sodium and potassium. If this doesn’t sound appealing to your tastebuds, you’ll be pleased to know…

  • Keto Nutrition sports supplements
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    Product review: Keto Nutrition sports supplements

    It’s undeniable that keto (i.e. the ketogenic diet) has gone mainstream. Keto recipes are flooding the internet and keto food products the supermarket shelves. Sports supplements are not an exception, with Keto Nutrition being one of the newest brands in the market dedicated to athletes who choose this nutrition strategy. Disclaimers: I received a sample pack free of charge from the manufacturer. I do not advocate for a ketogenic diet for healthy people or athletes as a blanket statement. The supplements Keto Nutrition offers a range of sports gels, protein bars, hydration powders and exogenous ketones (exogenous = from outside, meaning ketones you consume instead of produce in your body).…

  • prepd hydration
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    Product review: Prepd Hydration

    I first heard about Prepd Hydration from the Sports Dietitians Australia newsletter. These performance drinks are certified by HASTA, which means they do not contain any banned substances. These products have been developed in partnership with researchers at Flinders University. The drinks Prepd Hydration drinks come in 2 varieties: Prime and Recover. These are designed to be taken pre- and post-event, respectively. Both types come in 2 flavours: mango + passionfruit and strawberry + kiwi. All beverages come in 350ml bottles and are ready to drink. Prime contains resistant starch to improve fluid uptake. They should be consumed 6-18 hours before exercise. Recover contain the electrolyte needed to replenish fluids…