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    Caffeine and performance

    Caffeine is a known ergogenic (i.e. performance-enhancing) substance used by many athletes participating in various disciplines. But does it work for all types of exercise? What are the mechanisms behind caffeine and performance? How does it impact health? Caffeine as a supplement Caffeine is an alkaloid present in plants such as coffee that acts as an stimulant. The form commonly used as a sports supplement is called anhydrous caffeine and comes in various presentations, including pills, powders, gums, gels and liquids. It can also be consumed in the form of coffee or tea, although this makes it difficult to figure the exact amount of the active compound. Endurance sports Researchers…

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    What’s in your coffee shop beverage?

    Australians love their coffee, although not as much as several Nordic and European countries (we didn’t make the list of top 20 coffee drinking countries in 2017). Australia is also a big consumer of tea, ranking #13 according to the same source. From the results of the latest Australian Health Survey (2011-12), 53.6% of women and 38.9% of men 19+ years old drink tea; 57.5% of women and 57.0% of men (19+ years old) drink coffee or coffee substitutes (1). If you fall in these groups, do you know what’s in your coffee shop beverage? Caffeine The main reason people drink coffee is caffeine, a stimulant found in coffee, tea,…

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    Genes and caffeine metabolism

    Perhaps it’s not news to you that genes affect caffeine metabolism. It makes intuitive sense as we all know that person who can have coffee right before going to bed and still sleep like a baby. A little while ago I got an email announcing a new report derived from my myDNA genetic testing. Which caffeine metabolism genes are tested? myDNA analyses three genes (ADORA2A, CYP1A1-CYP1A2, CYP1A2 and AHR) to derive information about caffeine effect on the brain, caffeine metabolism and whether inducers (foods that boost caffeine metabolism) help or not. My reaction to caffeine I know from experience that whenever I drink coffee in the afternoon, my sleep suffers.…

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    Product review: Campos dark city coldpress coffee

    Cold drip/cold brewed coffee is my new thing. I enjoy the smooth taste and less acidic character, compared to long blacks. Last time I was in Campos I noticed they had bottled coldpress coffee in black and milk varieties ($5). I haven’t tried the milk one but the black is pretty good. It is bit less diluted than others I’ve tried, so you can add some ice without watering it too much. I think you can only buy the bottles in their cafes, but will keep an eye out in case they start selling the online. Campos Newtown 193 Missenden Road Newtown NSW 2042 (02) 9516 3361 www.camposcoffee.com

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    Recipe: Coconut affogato

    Who doesn’t like affogato? Besides people who don’t like coffee. Or ice cream. Or cold coffee. Well, you get my point. Because I have no desire of consuming regular ice cream any time soon (the dairy and sugar combo just kill me), I’ve been making my affogato with frozen coconut cream. I haven’t added any extra flavourings yet but I suspect it would be equally delicious with a dash of vanilla or almond essence, or a sprinkle of cinnamon. Coconut affogato Yield: 2 servings Ingredients 1 can coconut milk 2 – 4 shots espresso Directions Put the can of coconut milk in the fridge overnight. Open the can carefully (do…

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    Recipe: Chocolate coffee bites

    There are only a few things that can mess with my willpower and usual tendency to eat sensibly. One of the biggies: dark chocolate-covered coffee beans. That’s the reason I (almost) never buy them. One night I was studying and I felt like I *needed* my cacao-caffeine fix, but all the shops were closed. I came up with this super simple, quick and dangerous alternative. Chocolate coffee bites Yield: 6-12 units, depending on size Ingredients 100 grams dark chocolate (min 70% cacao, 85% recommended) 1 tablespoon ground coffee (coarsely ground for plunger recommended) 1 tablespoon cacao nibs Directions Break chocolate in small pieces with your hands, place in a bowl.…