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Product review: Saucisson Australia

One of the most recent stallholders at the Eveleigh farmers markets is Saucisson Australia, selling premium French pork products such as fresh and cured sausages, and pork rillettes.

The saucissons come in different shapes and sizes but are essentially the same. The quality and flavour are outstanding, quite possibly able to beat your favourite Italian salame.


The rillettes are also great, and while the French recommend spreading it on bread, I normally enjoy it with celery and carrot sticks. The duck fat used for sealing the product is perfect for cooking eggs or greens.


We’re also big fans of the the Toulouse sausages, made with pork (97%), salt, black pepper, white wine and garlic. Yes, no fillers or additives, the way all fresh sausages should be.

Toulouse sausages

Saucisson Australia
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