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AltShift experiment (part 7)

I’m not superstitious but there’s something special about number 7, and so this will be my last bi-roundly update on the AltShift experiment. I’ll post more about it whenever there’s something I want to share but by now I feel results are starting to become predictable. Past updates are available here: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6. This update includes rounds 12 and 13.

Round 12 was tough. It was right after Easter and I was trying to reverse the damage done by too much food and alcohol. I had another day of binge eating and drinking the next weekend, resulting on the numbers below. On the bright side, I finally got to try recipes from the book (see my cook-up post here). The Instagram photos in this post are all from the book.

Round 12:

  • Put 7mm on my waist, 3mm on my thigh and 1kg. Hips stayed the same.
  • Averaged 15,090 steps and 6.4 hours of sleep with 97-100% sleep efficiency. I attribute this to the fact that Alvaro was on annual leave, so not waking up before 6am to go to work.

Round 13 had less hiccups and, predictably, my results were a lot better. While in the past I felt I needed to track my food intake to stay on track, now don’t need to do it to stay compliant because I know when I’m exceeding the macronutrient limits. I also know that regardless of macronutrient and energy limits, I put on fat when I eat way beyond satiety or drink too much. I still enter data in my food diary sometimes, but mainly to double-check when in doubt and to satisfy my data junkie tendencies. Measurement wise, I don’t know what’s my fat percentage but my arms and legs look very lean. In fact, my legs are skinnier than usual and I’m having trouble putting on muscle, which is fair enough given my age. I don’t mind being light, though, I feel stronger (relative to my weight) and faster this way.

Round 13:

  • Lost 1.6cm off my waist, 6mm off my hips, 1.7cm off my thigh and 2.6kg.
  • Averaged 13,030 steps and 7.2 hours of sleep with (theoretical) 97-100% sleep efficiency. I know I’ve been waking up before my alarm goes off (Alvaro is back at work) but apparently I don’t move too much when I do.

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