Recipe: Lúcuma coconut mousse

The three Fs I miss from home are family, friends and food. And to be more specific about the third F, I’d say fruit is what I find myself craving more often. Not only standard stuff like bananas, avocados and papayas are way tastier on the other side of the world, but there are some fruits you just can’t get here. Among them: lúcuma.

Lúcuma is a fruit native to Perú, although it’s now grown in other South American countries (don’t let the Chileans fool you about its origin!) It’s a medium-sized round fruit with a dryish thin green skin that cracks when the fruit is ripe, soft fibrous orange flesh and one or more medium-sized brown seeds. I’ve written about this before but I’ll say it again: I absolutely hated it until age 28. One day at cooking school I had a lúcuma epiphany and now I love it as much as most Peruvians do.

Lúcuma is not widely available fresh in Australia (I think there are some people growing it in QLD), so every time I have the opportunity I get some sachets of dehydrated lúcuma from home. You can buy them here too but it’s much more expensive. The two brands I have in my cupboard at the moment are Orbea and Lukuma. I like the second one better.

Dehydrated lucuma

Lúcuma is often found in smoothies, ice cream and other desserts. Its flavour shines with dairy and chocolate. I used it last year in the cheesecake for the food blogger Xmas picnic. As I’m avoiding dairy, I gave it a shot with coconut milk and it worked! This recipe is as easy as it can get, suitable for extremely lazy people. Just grab some fancy glasses to serve it up and be ready to impress your guests. Because it’s a very rich dessert, you can stretch the batch to up to 8 servings. You can certainly eat the whole thing yourself but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Lúcuma coconut mousse
Yield: Serves 6 to 8

Lucuma coconut mousse

100 gr lúcuma powder
2 cans coconut milk
80 gr dark chocolate (min 70% cacao)

Refrigerate the coconut milk cans for a few hours (overnight is best).

Whisk the lúcuma powder and coconut cream until well combined and fluffy. You can use a food processor, blender or mixer if you’re lazy.

Spoon into glasses and refrigerate until ready to serve.

Sprinkle with grated dark chocolate on top.

8 thoughts on “Recipe: Lúcuma coconut mousse

  1. I love it! Simple, elegant, and, because of a fruit I’ve never tried before, intriguing 🙂

  2. Could I sustitute the chocolate for something else? Or could just I omit the chocolate?
    As I can’t have chocolate due to food intolerance (related to my migraines).

    1. Sure, try chopped pecans or lightly toasted shredded coconut. A sprinkle of cinnamon wouldn’t hurt.

      1. thanks Gaby
        looking forward to your mousse recipe with a twist
        will let you know how it turns up…I’m sure it will be very nice!
        I love lucuma…

  3. Oh wow, I am a little bummed I didn’t try your cheesecake at the blogger do last year! The fruit sounds very interesting.

  4. ive never heard of this fruit until to day! looks really interesting

  5. I prepared it the day before yesterday and ate it yesterday and it was beautiful! I invited it to a friend and she loved it too!
    Very nice with just the right sweetness (I hate deserts that feel too sweet).
    Great recipe.

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