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Product review: Mae Ploy curry pastes

I used to be one of those people who prepare everything from scratch. I like being able to control what goes in my food, both in terms of quality and quantity. However, as I have less time to cook now, I’m always in the lookout for shortcuts to make life easier.

As much as I like making curry pastes it’s a time-consuming process. Fortunately, my friend Sebastian (the one who loves Thai food) offered me a couple of Mae Ploy curry pastes. He knows I’m picky with ingredients, so he let me check them beforehand and I was surprised to find they are pretty clean, with zero MSG, preservatives, or artificial colours.

Mae Ploy curry pastes

The ingredients are:

  • Green curry paste: green chili, lemongrass, garlic, salt, galangal, shrimp paste (shrimp, salt), kaffir lime peel, coriander seed, pepper, cumin, turmeric.
  • Red curry paste: dried red chili, garlic, lemongrass, salt, shallot, galangal, shrimp paste (shrimp, salt), kaffir lime peel, pepper.
Mae Ploy curry pastes

They come in a sealed bag inside the plastic container. I’ve used the red curry paste to make a simple ground beef breakfast and it tastes fantastic.

Mae Ploy curry pastes

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