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Review: Mayver’s Goodness To Go Peanut Butter

One of my favourite brands of nut/seed butters and spreads, has launched a new product. Mayver’s Goodness To Go Peanut Butter are single-serve tubs of peanut butter that can be taken with you pretty much anywhere.

The product

The product currently comes in 2 varieties: crunchy and crunchy dark roasted (both are also available in jars). Each box contains 6 min pots, each containing 40g (2 tablespoons).

As all the company’s products, these contain no artificial ingredients nor additives and are locally made.


As it’s the case with their jars of peanut butters, these contain just 2 ingredients: roasted peanuts (99.3%) and sea salt.

Nutrition information

NutrientPer serve (20g)Per tub (40g)
Energy (kJ)486972
Protein (g)5.010.0
Fat, total (g)9.819.6
– Saturated1.32.6
– Polyunsaturated (g)3.16.2
– Monounsaturated (g)4.89.6
Carbohydrate (g)2.75.4
– Sugars (g)0.81.6
Dietary fibre (g)1.63.2
Sodium (mg)51102
Potassium (mg)130260

Taste test

Believe it or not, the peanut butter tastes the same whether it comes from a single-serve tub or a jar ;).


  • Portable and convenient, making it ideal for lunchboxes, travel, picnics, etc.
  • Makes it easy to portion-control
  • Same great quality as their other peanut butters
  • Easier to get the last drop of peanut butter out of the container


  • More expensive than buying jars
  • Excess packaging (the plastic tub is recyclable, the lid is not)
  • The nutrition panel lists nutrients per serve (20g or 1 tablespoon) and per 100g but not per tub. I think this should be clearly specified.

How to eat Goodness To Go Peanut Butter

As per the package recommendations, you can use these peanut butter for dipping crackers and apple slices or eat straight on the go. I like to add it to plain yoghurt for breakfast (see my post on portable breakfast ideas). You can also add it to porridge, spread on a banana, a piece of toast or toasted banana bread.

More info

Read my previous article on Mayver’s protein peanut butter or head to Mayver’s website for more information on their products, recipes, etc.

If you need nutrition advice, click here to check out our range of available services.

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