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Product review: Giving whey another go (part 1)

It’s been 5 years since I consumed whey protein regularly. When I went paleo I cut down most dairy and noticed a great improvement in my respiratory allergies. My approach to eating is to cycle foods as much as I can because there is good and bad in most stuff (with some exceptions that I prefer to stay away from). One of the things that I have incorporated lately for convenience and for the sake of variety is whey. I had done a few protein smoothies here and there and had noticed that quality made a huge difference in my reactions, particularly an itchy throat immediately after ingestion and a stuffy nose the day after.

I went on to investigate good quality whey protein powders that were grass-fed and crap-free, and that came in sample size. Below a review of the first two brands I tried.

The Naked Co. offers whey protein isolate in 3 flavours: organic cinnamon (whey protein isolate, organic cinnamon powder, organic stevia extract; 0.3g sugar per serve), organic vanilla (whey protein isolate, organic vanilla powder, organic stevia extract; 0.3g sugar per serve) and organic cacao (whey protein isolate, organic cacao powder, organic stevia extract; 0.2g sugar per serve). They are made in Australia, mix very well, taste amazing and are not super sweet.

The Naked Co. whey protein isolate
The Naked Co. whey protein isolate

Open To Play makes whey protein isolate from NZ, it’s gluten and lactose, GMO and preservative free, it’s sweetened with stevia and comes in chocolate (whey protein isolate, natural cocoa, organic stevia; 0.125g sugar per serve) and vanilla (whey protein isolate, natural vanilla, organic stevia; 0.125g sugar per serve) flavours. They mix well but take a bit more shaking than the other brand, taste great but I found them a bit too sweet for my taste.

I’ve been having a serve of protein powder in water post-workout 2-3 per week with no ill effects. I haven’t put on weight, nor fat. If anything, I think I’ve gotten a bit leaner, which was unexpected, but it could be a million things other than the whey.

Open to Play whey protein isolate
Open To Play whey protein isolate

I will try few more brands to decide which to buy if/when I need it. Keep your eyes peeled for the reviews.

The Naked Co.

Open To Play
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