Ecobar raw energy bars
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Product review: Ecobar raw energy bars

Shout-out to my classmate Rob who posted a picture of Ecobars on Facebook. I’ve been wanting to try cricket bars since I heard about Exo bars 1-2 years ago, but they were not available in Australia. Now we have Ecobars, made with cricket flour, perhaps the most sustainable source of protein.


I bought these for $3.95 each at Healthy Living. The currently available flavours are mango orange and chia spirulina. We liked both and no, you cannot taste the crickets. Maybe because the flour is not one of the top ingredients, which also means the bars are higher in carbs than protein.

Chia spirulina Ecobar

Ingredients in the chia spirulina bars are: dates, almonds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, cricket flour, apple juice concentrate, spirulina, coconut oil, lemon extract, rosemary extract (14.2g CHO, 4.8g protein). And in the mango orange bars: almonds, dates, mango (dried & extract), cricket flour), orange juice (powder & concentrate), coconut oil, rosemary extract (14.2g CHO and 4.4g protein). Texture-wise, the bars are on the soft side, sort of cake-y. Not bad, but I prefer crunchier ones. Next time I’ll freeze them.

Mango orange Ecobar


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