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AltShift experiment (part 6)

Life has been hectic lately (we moved from the Buddhist centre to a studio unit recently), but I’m still shifting. Past updates are available here: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5. This update includes rounds 10 and 11.

We found our new home in the midst of round 9. When round 10 started, I decided to keep things as simple as possible, meaning I did very basic cooking, did not track my food intake and ate out a fair bit. I also took a 1-week break from weightlifting and did a few basic upper body workouts in a gym close to work. The move happened during 3S and we didn’t get a fridge until the day after. Okay, excuses, excuses. We ate out and I made poor choices (including too much fat and 4 bottles of sparkling wine between me and 2 friends), but I resumed the plan on the following day.

Round 10:

  • Gained 1.3cm on my waist, lost 3mm off my hips, 2mm off my thigh and gained 1.6kg. Essentially, my body started to take the shape of a typical woman my age.

Crack slaw, a great go-to 5S meal

Drinks to celebrate the move

Round 11 arrived with great news: I got my lost Fitbit replaced (shout-out to April and Jennifer from the AltShift Facebook group for bringing this to my attention). I also got back to weightlifting, although with a modified program to address the posterior chain weakness that is to blame for my recent injuries, and back to cooking most of our meals, at least for the first few days. I went to Canberra for an Easter meditation retreat, so I reverted to my default holiday mode (i.e. paleo-friendly plus drinks) and resumed AltShift as soon as I got back home. Aside from my daily physical meditation (which I consider movement but not exercise), I went for a walk most days during the long weekend.

Round 11:

  • Gained 4mm on my waist, 4mm on my hips, 1.2cm on my thigh, and 1.5kg (this is 57.9, which is my ideal/competition body weight). Now I just need to get rid of the fat around my waist!
  • Averaged 13,763 steps and 7.06 hours of sleep with efficiency ranging from 88% to 100%, but most of the time on the upper 90s.

Pork shoulder and roasted Brussel sprouts, one of my fave 5S combos

Quinoa & tuna salad on 3S

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