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    Product review: NutriKane D

    NutriKane D is a plant-based supplement designed to help manage blood sugar levels and improve gut health. It contains dietary fibre and resistant starch. NutriKane D NutriKane D is plant based and all natural. Even though it’s based on sugarcane, it does not contain sugar. Instead, it is sweetened with stevia. The product contains micronutrients such as polyphenols and flavonoids. It is safe for people with gluten and FODMAP intolerance. Benefits Below are some of the benefits claimed by the manufacturer: Support gut health by improving bowel regularity and feeding the gut microbiome Reduce blood sugar levels by lowering the glycemic index of foods Reduce inflammation Assist with weight control…

  • prepd hydration
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    Product review: Prepd Hydration

    I first heard about Prepd Hydration from the Sports Dietitians Australia newsletter. These performance drinks are certified by HASTA, which means they do not contain any banned substances. These products have been developed in partnership with researchers at Flinders University. The drinks Prepd Hydration drinks come in 2 varieties: Prime and Recover. These are designed to be taken pre- and post-event, respectively. Both types come in 2 flavours: mango + passionfruit and strawberry + kiwi. All beverages come in 350ml bottles and are ready to drink. Prime contains resistant starch to improve fluid uptake. They should be consumed 6-18 hours before exercise. Recover contain the electrolyte needed to replenish fluids…