• Gluten-free banana bread
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    Recipe: Gluten-free banana bread

    Much like brownies, there are different kinds of banana bread. Some people like them dense; while some enjoy the cakey, airy variety. This gluten-free banana bread falls in the second category and is great either fresh or toasted. Besides being gluten-free, this banana bread does not contain any added sugar. The riper the bananas you use, the sweeter the bread will be. Having said that, if you are used to commercial banana breads, you might want to add a drizzle of maple syrup or honey on top prior to eating. Of course, toppings are optional, we usually enjoy ours with butter but peanut butter is also a great option. If…

  • Nutriboost
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    Product review: Nutriboost

    Nutriboost is a high protein flavoured milk drink made with no added sugar. It is enriched with fibre and vitamin D and has a 5 health star rating. Nutriboost Nutriboost is made by infamous Coca-Cola Company. Before you stop reading, remember that they also make water, juice and other not-so-bad-for-you beverages. Nutriboost is enriched with milk proteins, polydextrose as a source of fibre, and vitamin D. It is sweetened with an artificial sweetener. The drink comes in 3 flavours: chocolate, vanilla and banana. It is available at Woolworths supermarkets, and often discounted when buying 5 or more. Ingredients Below are the ingredients lists for the current 3 flavours. Note they…