• Making weight for BJJ
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    Making weight for BJJ

    Competing in combat disciplines and other weight category sports require athletes to make weight. In this article we’ll explore what are the challenges and common mistakes when making weight for BJJ. What is making weight? In many sports, including combat disciplines, athletes compete in weight categories (a.k.a. classes) with the purpose of making competition more fair. The actual categories depend on the sport and other factors such as the affiliation or type of event (e.g. Olympic Games vs world championship). Making weight refers to the process of manipulating an athlete’s weight to fall within the limits of their weight class. This usually involves losing weight as it is advantageous for…

  • Caffeine for combat sports
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    Caffeine for combat sports

    Caffeine is one of the few ergogenic substances backed by science, but it has different effects depending on the type of exercise. While its effects on endurance and strength have been widely studied, the role of caffeine for combat sports remains relatively unknown. What are combat sports? Combat sports is a broad category of disciplines that involve one-to one fighting. This includes traditional martial arts, such as taekwondo and judo, but also boxing, Brazilian jiu jitsu, mixed martial arts (MMA) and fencing. Combat sports can involve grappling, striking, or a combination of both. Recommendations for caffeine supplementation Common recommendations for caffeine as a performance-enhancing supplement are 3-6mg per kg bodyweight…