Recipe: Salsa criolla

Traditional tangy Peruvian salsa to serve with… anything!

Salsa criolla
Yield: 6 – 8 servings

Salsa criolla


  • 1 red onion
  • 4 limes
  • 2 small hot chilies (optional)
  • salt
  • coriander leaves


  1. Finely slice the onion.
  2. Optional but recommended: soak onion in cold water for a few hours, then drain in a strainer.
  3. Add lime juice, salt to taste, finely chopped chilies (if using) and finely chopped coriander leaves. Chill in the fridge until serving.

6 thoughts on “Recipe: Salsa criolla

    1. Usually tacu tacu (rice and beans), arroz con pollo (rice with coriander and chicken), arroz con pato (rice with coriander and duck), pan con chicharron y camote (fried pork & sweet potato sandwich), tamales, fried fish served with rice, etc.

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