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Gluten Free Expo 2018

The Gluten Free Expo is an annual event owned and managed by Coeliac Australia with the purpose of showcasing new products in the market. The expo also features cooking demos (sponsored by Coles, education sessions (sponsored by Genius Gluten Free) and more.

Genius Gluten Free education session
Gluten free expo

There are plenty of products to sample at the expo, but in case you’re still hungry, there are also a number of food stalls offering everything from arepas to donuts.


Gluten-free regulations are stricter in Australia than other countries. Therefore, it is reassuring for people who need to avoid gluten to know which products meet national standards. This can be particularly important shortly after an allergy/intolerance diagnosis, when navigating the gluten-free foodscape can be tricky.

This year’s highlights

I recommend having a look at the following stalls:

Simply Wize
GF Precinct
Bob's Red Mill
Bob's Red Mill chocolate cake mix
Tender Gourmet Butchery
O'Brien Beer
Roza's Gourmet
Diegos Authentic Foods
Lewis and Son
Lewis and Son
The Happy Snack Company
Well & Good
Jasper and Myrtle Chocolates
Lupins For Life Pty Ltd
Lupins For Life Pty Ltd
Jalna Dairy Foods

Food for thought

According to Coeliac Australia, Coeliac Disease affects 1 in 70 people (however, 80% of the population remain undiagnosed). People with Coeliac Disease need to be on a gluten-free diet for life. The best diagnostic tool for Coeliac Disease is an intestinal biopsy.

Gluten intolerance (a.k.a. non-Coeliac gluten sensitivity) is a highly debated topic; recent studies seem to indicate that it does exist but its prevalence is rather low (estimated at 0.6 – 6%). As it’s the case with all food intolerance, there is a threshold unique to each individual. The best way of determining whether gluten is a problem or not and what amount of gluten you can have is following an elimination-reintroduction protocol.

The bottom line is that not everyone needs to be on a gluten-free diet. If you do have Coeliac disease or are gluten intolerant, remember the following:

  • There are plenty of foods that are naturally gluten-free and do not come in packages: meat, fish, eggs, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, milk, cheese, etc. (ok, some of those do come in packages but you get my point)
  • Always read labels, some gluten-free foods are hyper processed and nutrient-poor (gluten-free does not necessarily equal healthy)

More info

The Gluten Free Expo is still on today Sunday 5th August at Rosehill Gardens Racecourse from 9:00am – 4:00pm. To learn more about the expo, buy tickets or for more information about Coeliac disease click on the links below.

Gluten Free Expo website
Coeliac Australia

You can also read about last year’s expo here.

If you need nutrition advice, click here to check out our range of available services.

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