• Gluten free expo 2019
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    Gluten Free Expo 2019

    Once again I had the good fortune of being invited to attend the Gluten Free Expo 2019, an annual event organised by Coeliac Australia in all major cities across the country. The expo This event aims to educate people, particularly those with Coeliac Disease and gluten intolerance, on how to navigate a gluten-free diet. This is achieved via talks, cooking demos and a wide variety of exhibitors who showcase their products. The expo normally takes place on a weekend. The first visitors get a show bag with several products and brochures. Exhibitors have plenty of samples for you to try before you buy, as well as attractive pricing on their…

  • gluten free expo
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    Gluten Free Expo 2018

    The Gluten Free Expo is an annual event owned and managed by Coeliac Australia with the purpose of showcasing new products in the market. The expo also features cooking demos (sponsored by Coles, education sessions (sponsored by Genius Gluten Free) and more. There are plenty of products to sample at the expo, but in case you’re still hungry, there are also a number of food stalls offering everything from arepas to donuts. Gluten-free regulations are stricter in Australia than other countries. Therefore, it is reassuring for people who need to avoid gluten to know which products meet national standards. This can be particularly important shortly after an allergy/intolerance diagnosis, when…