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Product review: Giving whey another go (part 2)

Last week I reviewed a couple of decent whey protein options in the market. My selection criteria were: whey has to come from grass-fed cows, supplement must be crap-free (i.e. minimal and as natural as possible ingredients), and company must offer sample sizes. Because I’m more concerned with digestibility than supplement efficiency when it comes to whey protein, I didn’t care too much that the products I tried this time where in the concentrate form, as opposed to the isolate ones I tried last time. The main difference is that isolate contains more protein; if you want to read more details head over to this article on Mark’s Daily Apple.

Ultimately Natural has a bigger sample package (3 x 4-serve packs) that allows you to select from several different flavours. I chose organic Choc cacao (whey protein concentrate, organic cacao, stevia; 2.24g sugar per serve), banana & cinnamon (whey protein concentrate, banana powder, organic blue agave inulin, cinnamon, stevia; 4.7g sugar per serve) and organic vanilla (whey protein concentrate, organic blue agave inulin, organic vanilla bean powder, stevia; 1.9g sugar per serve). Yes, the banana cinnamon flavour is quite high in sugar, even when they label it as “natural” to minimize the shock while reading the label. I found these make a thicker shake than other products. I personally liked the banana flavour the least because it was quite sweet and a bit artificial IMO. Chocolate and vanilla were better but not great. Digestibility was not great, either.

Ultimately Natural whey protein concentrate
Ultimately Natural whey protein concentrate

True Protein has a single-serve sample sachet of whey protein concentrate sent to you for $2 if you like their Facebook page. I chose rich chocolate (whey protein concentrate, sunflower lecithin, natural cocoa, poly dextrose, xanthan gum, stevia, natural flavour; 1.7g sugar per serve). As you can see, not a super clean ingredient list but I had a hunch they know what they’re doing. Taste was great, it did take a bit more shaking than others to dissolve but in the end the texture was thick and creamy. Digestibility was great. This company also makes whey isolate products, pre-workout, etc. I might try some of them in the future.

True Protein whey protein concentrate
True Protein whey protein concentrate

In conclusion, the 2 brands I would buy again are The Naked Co and True Protein, however I’m planning to cycle whey protein as a post-workout meal to avoid any adverse effects that may arise from frequent intake.

Ultimately Natural

True protein
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