GiLICIOUS lower carb potatoes
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Product review: GiLICIOUS lower carb potatoes

GiLICIOUS lower carb potatoes are the answer for people who love potatoes but would benefit from eating foods with lower glycaemic index.

The glycaemic index (GI) of a carbohydrate-containing food indicates how much it raises your blood sugar relative to pure glucose. People with health conditions related to blood sugar regulation, including insulin resistance, diabetes and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) should aim to get most of their carbohydrates from low GI foods. Note that quantity is also important: eating too much of a low GI food represents a large glycaemic load (GL) on the body.


GiLICIOUS is a food brand dedicated to preventing type 2 diabetes and obesity by offering products certified low or lower GI and recommended by Diabetes Qualified.

GiLICIOUS lower carb potatoes

These potatoes are grown by Mitoo Family Farms in South Australia. The potatoes currently come in 1.5kg bags and have 4.5 Health Star Rating and are lower GI certified.

GiLICIOUS lower carb potatoes

Nutrition information

NutrientPer serve (250g)Per 100g
Energy (kg)475190
Protein (g)6.32.5
Fat, total (g)< 1< 1
– Saturated (g)< 1< 1
Carbohydrate (g)25.810.3
– Sugars (g)3.31.3
Sodium (mg)32.513

GiLICIOUS potatoes have a GI of 61 (classified as medium) and the manufacturer claims they contain 25% less carbs than other potatoes. Note that both the GI and carbohydrate content varies depending on the potato variety. For example, the amount of carbohydrate per 100g of different potato varieties range from 10.7 to 13.8, according to the Australian Nutrient database (1). The GI also depends on the cooking method and length, whether the potatoes have been cooled, what you are eating them with, etc. According to the GI database, the GI of cooked potatoes range from 23 to 101 (2).

Taste test

Similar to Spud Lite, these potatoes can be used for roasting, boiling, mashing, etc. Likewise, they have a bland flavour, especially when compared with Peruvian potatoes.

More information

Learn more about GiLICIOUS lower carb potatoes here.


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