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Product review: Lupin Flakes

Lupin is a legume with an impressive nutritional profile (40% protein, 37% fibre, 4% effective carbs). It got in my radar last year when I was doing placement at the RPA Allergy Clinic, as it is often recommended for people with gluten allergy/intolerance. Then I forgot about lupin until the 2017 DAA Conference, where The Lupin Co was an exhibitor. They make lupin flakes using a proprietary process that reduces the phytate content of the legume while maintaining its nutritional value. Lupin flakes can be conveniently used as a substitute for cous cous, rolled oats, breadcrumbs, etc. They can also be used to bump up the protein and fibre content of virtually any meal – sweet or savoury.

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I followed a few recipes from the website to make lupin, cinnamon and coconut granola, Moroccan ras el hanout crumbed chicken, lupin crusted roast cauliflower salad, lupin and rice, chocolate protein cookies and warm lupin and Mediterranean roast vegetable salad (not pictured). I was impressed by the versatility of the flakes, they didn’t impart a particularly strong flavour in any recipe and added a nice crunch to the granola and the crumbed chicken. I have also used it as a substitute for rice, given it has the shape and consistency of cauliflower ‘rice’.

Food with lupin flakes

Lupin flakes are currently available at selected health food shops and supermarkets but I think it will become more mainstream in the next few years.

The last thing to note is lupin is an allergen (in fact, last month FSANZ included it as one of the 10 allergens that need to be declared in food labels) so it might not be suitable for everyone.

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