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Product review: Coco-Bliss coconut kefir

The other day we went to our local health food shop and there was a kombucha and kefir tasting. Coconut kefir, to be precise. I’ve made it a few times at home with coconut milk and dehydrated kefir culture, but was curious to know how this one would taste. It was great and the ingredients list was clean, so I bought a tub to bring home.

Coco-Bliss coconut kefir

interestingly, the tub of Coco-Bliss I bought was labelled as dessert kefir (I’m guessing because it contains sweetener). This kefir is lactose-, gluten-, egg- and sugar-free. It contains coconut milk, kefir culture, arrowroot (as culture feed), organic green tea (as culture feed) and birch extract (sweetener). At $7.25 for a 280g container it’s definitely not cheap, but certainly very tasty, with a pleasant thick and creamy texture, and much better for your gut than highly processed yoghurts claiming health benefits.

Coco-Bliss coconut kefir

Coco-Bliss by Amphore

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