Christmas recipe roundup
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Christmas recipe roundup

If you can’t decide what to cook on or around the holidays, here is a Christmas recipe roundup with hopefully useful ideas.


2 ingredient devilled eggs

Devilled eggs might be out of fashion but they are a fantastic appetizer/finger food for many reasons. They are easy to make, economical, filling and nutritious. They are naturally free of gluten, dairy and other allergens such as nuts, seafood and soy. No, they are not vegan but they low in carbohydrates and high in protein.

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Side dishes

Christmas sides

Applesauce and Russian salad are the side dishes I grew up eating every Christmas eve. They are usually served alongside roast turkey, but also pair well with pork and chicken.

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Peruvian spiced Christmas turkey

Turkey is the meat of choice in Peruvian homes at Christmas time. This is why many companies include a turkey in the Christmas hampers given to employees. Fortunately, most of the times you get a voucher that you can sometimes exchange for other products, although I remember going home with a large frozen bird after work one year. Different families have different ways of preparing and cooking their turkeys but most will do it with a Peruvian twist.

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Slow cooked apple BBQ pork with Brussel sprouts and fennel

This is not something I grew up eating but it can make a perfect Christmas meal. Even better, save it for Christmas in July if you don’t want the slow cooker to warm up the entire house in the middle of summer.

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Pork chops and Pardo’s style salad

This is another non-traditional Christmas recipe for me but it can work for Christmas day because it’s quick and easy to make. In addition, the pork chops can be cooked in the BBQ, which you might be using on the day anyway.

Get the recipe here.


Gingerbread bliss balls

You can enjoy the flavours of gingerbread without having to crank up the oven, not to mention shaping and decorating each cookie. These bliss balls are also great as a homemade gift or to bring to parties and picnics.

Get the recipe here.

Peruvian hot chocolate

Most Peruvians enjoy a cup of rich Peruvian hot chocolate with a slice of buttered panettone as dessert after a large Christmas eve dinner. You can do the same at your Christmas in July party, or be more sensible and have it on its own in a cold winter night.

Get the recipe here.


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