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AltShift experiment (part 2)

As you may or may not know, I’m currently testing a fat loss protocol called AltShift (see my previous post about it here). Here is my update for rounds 2 and 3.

Round 2:

  • Lost 1mm off my waist, 2mm off my hips and 5mm off my thigh. Gained 700g.
  • I ate a bit less on both shifts but was still well within the protocol limits.
  • I wasn’t as hungry on the 3 shift as the previous round.
  • I discovered why so many AltShifters rave about egg salad.
  • My digestion was perfect on the 5 shift, but slow on the 3 shift (I was also very gassy during this shift).
  • My energy and sleep were normal.
  • My strength was good most of the time, but I pulled my right hip flexor toward the end of the 5 shift so had to take it easy for a few days after that.

Egg & cucumber salad (5 shift)

Round 3:

  • No changes in measurements or weight, however…
  • I retained a lot of water, particularly on the 3 shift; my face, feet, ankles and legs were swollen, as well as the fat cells in my belly.
  • Out of frustration I gave in and had drinks twice: on the second last day of the 5 shift (2 gin & soda with cucumber slices) and on the first day of the 3 shift (2 glasses of red wine). Drinks were part of catch-ups with good friends, so they were enjoyed and didn’t cause regret.
  • My digestion was terrible on the 5 shift and got better on the 3 shift. Quite the opposite to what I was expecting.
  • Strength was still good, I PR’d on back squats (+8kg) even though my hip flexor was still giving me some grief. I’ve had a few days of light work in preparation for my next lifting cycle.

5 shift “fast food” dinner

3 shift “fast food” breakfast

Doesn’t get more Peruvian than this… 3 shift compliant

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