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The porridge experiment (part 1)

So 67% 83.3% of my household have been visiting a Chinese Medicine doctor (nicknamed “the fish food lady” by an MD friend of ours) to address various health issues. In my case, it’s a hormonal imbalance that multiple GPs, an endocrinologist, a naturopath and a gynecologist haven’t been able to fix. It was the gyno, actually, who recommended seeing me seeing a Chinese Medicine doctor. I tried the guy she recommended but I found his old school approach (boil herbs every day) too time-consuming.

So I switched to the doctor my housemates (and other 4 close friends) have seen/were seeing, who happens to be conveniently located walking distance from home. I’ve been having herbs for several weeks, but apparently my qi still needs a boost. When asked what I have for breakfast I usually reply “leftovers” or “coffee” because it’s a bit hard to explain what a bulletproof coffee is, or that I sometimes have pâté with crudités for breakfast. Anyway, the fish food lady’s prescription is to have breakfast like a king, which should be porridge with black sesame seeds, walnuts and goji berries. I googled around and found this recipe.

Black sesame porridge

I made it with medium grain rice instead of glutinous because that’s what I had handy, added chopped walnuts and did not add any sugar. I had a bowl this morning and intend to carry on with the experiment until I get results – either bad or good. So far I haven’t had any adverse GI effects, but I did get ravenously hungry at around 10:30am. I’ll keep you posted.

Black sesame porridge

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