• Mexican baked beans with eggs
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    Recipe: Mexican baked beans with eggs

    These Mexican baked beans with eggs are an easy and affordable breakfast, brunch or anytime vegetarian meal. Using canned tomatoes and beans make this recipe quick, convenient and affordable. If you don’t have pinto beans you can substitute black or red kidney beans. Speaking of convenience, I use a ready-made spice mix (Mexican spice mix from Spice and Co) but you can use another brand, just look for Mexican or taco seasoning. If you can’t find any or prefer to make your own, the ingredients in the spice mix I use are: paprika, chipotle chilli, chillies, cumin, coriander, oregano, onion, garlic, cinnamon, sea salt and pepper. This recipe has a…

  • Chicken Caesar salad for one
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    Recipe: Chicken Caesar salad for one

    This chicken Caesar salad for one is a great weekday lunch you can put together in very little time. It also scales well to share with your partner or family. Caesar salad is not the most nutritious salad when it comes to veggies as the only one is cos lettuce. Feel free to substitute your favourite salad leaves, preferably on the sturdy side, such as radicchio or massaged kale. To save time, I use ready-made mayonnaise, which I usually make with cold pressed walnut or macadamia oil. If can also use pre-boiled eggs to save some more time. For the toasted “croutons” you can use any kind of bread you…