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Product review: Paleo Hero products

Since I cleaned up my diet to base it on real nutrient-dense food my snacking has gone down to almost zero. The only occasions I munch on something that is not a main meal is when I’m extremely stressed, or drunk, or travelling, or not hungry enough for a full-sized meal.

While my preference will always be to eat minimally processed snacks (nuts, for example), it’s smart to be prepared and have a supply of pre-made snacks that you can grab on the go. While looking for some snacks I could take to my upcoming trip I came across Paleo Hero products.

These products are somewhat similar to some of the American snacks I’ve reviewed in the past, only that they’re made here, which is great news. By buying this products you get top quality local ingredients, while supporting a local business, and contributing to the growth of the Paleo movement in Australia.

Paleo Hero products
Paleo Hero products

The Primal mix is the ideal snack for hiking and similar activities. Or travelling, or sitting on the couch. Any excuse is good, I guess. Primal mix a blend of jerky (made with 100% grass-fed free-range Australian beef), raw nuts and organic berries. This combination may sound odd and even disgusting, but is actually very tasty. It comes in two versions: original (left in the photo) and spicy. I liked them both (a warning though, the spicy is pretty hot). The bags (which BTW are resealable, yay!) contain a surprisingly generous amount of jerky relative to the other ingredients. The jerky itself is good, but a little bit too chewy for my taste jaws. Click on the following links for the nutritional information and full list of ingredients: original mix,
spicy mix.

Primal mix original & spicy
Primal mix original & spicy ($7.95 per bag of 70 grams)

The Primal muesli includes premium nuts, berries, seeds and coconut, is flavoured with agave and toasted to make it crunchy. It’s a great alternative for those who are still hooked to the idea of cereal-style breakfasts, or for people like me who crave sweet & crunchy stuff when studying until late in the evening. Warning: this stuff is delicious and extremely addictive. I reckon a smart way go about it is to separate the 10 suggested servings in small plastic bags immediately after opening. And keep them in a safe. This muesli is slightly sweeter than similar versions I’ve made at home because I don’t use dried fruit. I tried it plain, with coconut milk, and with double cream. The double cream was the winner, it helped dial down the sweetness and turned the snack into a meal. Click here for the nutritional information.

Primal muesli
Primal muesli ($27.70, 750 grams)

The Primal slices are a great alternative to conventional desserts. They’re made of nuts, honey and dried fruit, which means they’re gluten-free, preservative-free, and more nutritious than most crap-loaded sweets (including protein/power/”health” bars). They are dense, chewy and very tasty, although a bit too sweet for my liking. My favourite was the nut crunch. Click on the following links for the nutritional information and full list of ingredients: nut crunch, coconut berry.

Primal slice coconut berry
Primal slice coconut berry ($4.95, 70 grams)
Primal slice nut crunch
Primal slice nut crunch ($4.95, 70 grams)

Paleo Hero

Items were purchased with a generous discount courtesy of Paleo Hero.

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