• Pros and cons of meal plans
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    Pros and cons of meal plans

    Meal plans can be really useful for some people – if they follow them. However, they can also have some limitations. What are some pros and cons of meal plans? Pros A well-designed meal plan can provide the following benefits: Eliminate decision fatigue Some people find it difficult or tedious to plan what to cook. Following a meal plan will save the time and mental power you would normally spend making those decisions. Meet your nutritional requirements without doing calculations A meal plan that is customised to your individual requirements will help you meet your targets of total energy, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, etc. Increase food variety Meal plans can…

  • eating for training and competition
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    Eating for training and competition

    Nobody would think about running 10km as preparation for an Olympic weightlifting meet. You should be polishing off your lifts and throwing in some max days to simulate competition day. This should translate seamlessly to nutrition. However, many athletes overlook their nutrition strategy and show up to competition with no plan. Eating for training and competition require the same amount of thought. If you are planning to participate in any kind of sporting event, from amateur to elite-level competitions, you should have a nutrition strategy in place. This includes non-competitive events such as martial arts gradings. As you will see below, your nutrition strategy is unique to you because it…