• Protein iced coffee
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    Recipe: Protein iced coffee

    This protein iced coffee makes a great pre- or post-exercise drink with all the benefits of coffee and protein in one tasty beverage. As seen in the article Coffee and health, coffee may improve many aspects of health. When it comes to exercise, these potential benefits including metabolic, bone and neurological health. While a cup of coffee usually doesn’t contain enough caffeine to enhance athletic performance, it can certainly increase your alertness before a workout. It also has the potential to help with post-exercise muscle glycogen recovery. This recipe uses both milk and protein powder to achieve a great combination of protein content and taste. The protein will help counteract…

  • Peruvian hot chocolate
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    Recipe: Peruvian hot chocolate

    In Perú there’s no such thing as Christmas in July. Instead, we eat and drink all the wintery Christmas stuff in the middle of summer. The large Christmas eve dinner of roasted turkey (or suckling pig), applesauce and/or mash, Russian salad, rice, etc. is followed by hot chocolate and panettone. Peruvian hot chocolate is made with blocks of bitter cooking chocolate that are simmered with spices and then mixed with evaporated milk and sugar. It is not a “light” beverage by any stretch of imagination. However, when the weather cools down, our bodies crave hot beverages that provide energy and comfort. Hence, I’ve created a version of Peruvian hot chocolate…

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    Beer as a rehydration drink

    Beer is a popular “post-workout” drink. It is not commonly treated as a sports supplement by athletes but as a post-competition reward and social lubricant. Is there any merit in using beer as a rehydration drink? Rehydration Rehydration is essential for recovery and performance. Athletes can lose large amounts of fluids and electrolytes through sweat during training and competition, which need to be replaced accordingly. Thus, rehydration beverages should contain water, sodium, potassium and carbohydrate (1, 2). Sodium and carbohydrate are of particular importance because they help absorb and retain water (2). The actual amounts of each component will depend on the type of event, etc. (1). Nutrients in beer…